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Thread: Who to drop?

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    Default Who to drop?

    Hi guys,

    With Ward down, I need to pickup another goalie, probably Markstrom. Would you drop Wheeler or Clowe with scoring cats below. I leaning more towards Wheeler, but let me know what you guys think.
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    C - Stamkos, Couture (C,LW), Koivu
    LW - Nash (LW,RW), Marchand
    RW - Backes (C,RW), Simmonds
    D - Byfuglien, OEL, Burns, Gudas
    G - Lundqvist, Lehtonen

    Bn - J. Jokinen (C,LW), Skinner (C,LW,RW), McDonagh (D), Thomas (G), Josi (D)

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    I'm not sure why you'd drop Wheeler over Clowe. Clowe has 1/3 the points of Wheeler right now, and is not getting PP TOI. The only advantage he has over Wheeler is in PIM. I'd drop him like a junior high girlfriend.
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    LW: Palat, Pacioretty, O'Rielly (C avail), Cammalleri (C avail)
    RW: Ovechkin, Iginla, Malkin (C avail),
    D: Karlsson, McDonough, Burns (RW avail)
    G: Crawford, Halak, Kuemper

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    Wheeler has been quite solid IMO, especially compared to Clowe. Drop Clowe.
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    W(5) L(-2) SA(.1) GA(-1) SV(.2) SO(5) OTL(2)

    C: Stamkos, Backes, Spezza, Krejci, Johanson
    LW: Neal, Parise, Nash, Voracek, Simmonds, Granlund
    RW: P. Kane, Ryan, Eberle, Iginla, Burns, Nyquist
    D: Phaneuf, Yandle, Pietrangelo, J. Johnson
    G: Quick, Bobrovsky, Smith, Lehtonen
    IR: Tavares, Zetterberg

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    Even though Wheeler just got injured, because your league doesn't count hits, Clowe is just plain terrible even as an okay source of PIM. Drop Clowe.
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    C: Tavares, H. Sedin, Spezza, Hanzal
    LW: Zetterberg (C), Cammalleri (C), Dubinsky (C), Benn, Perron, Hudler
    RW: Giroux (C), Hodgson (C), Semin (LW)
    D: Doughty, Keith, Franson, OEL, Garrison, Orpik
    G: Halak, Miller, Hiller, Mason
    IR: Gagner

    Trades Made:
    Duchene for Sedin

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    Drop Wiz - just got injujred recently and you can roll with 4 D, even with a gimped Mike Green.

    Clowe is a good choice too. Wheeler is a definite no.
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    W (5.5), L (-2.5), GA (-1), SA (0.2), SHO (5)

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    LW: Steen/Hartnell/Prust
    RW: Lupul/Callahan/Simmonds
    D: Karlsson/Letang/Burns/Green/Bieksa/Beauchemin/Goligoski
    G: Quick/Ward/Bishop/Khudobin
    Bench: Martin/Hornqvist/Ray Whitney/Backlund

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