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Thread: which one would you drop???

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    Default which one would you drop???

    In a points only (G-1, A-1) pool. I have all these guys on my 25 man roster and can drop only one of them on March 1. Which ONE of these would YOU drop? I keep the points the dropped player has earned to date.

    Nash12pts in 14 gms/Richards1 pt in last 4, 11-17/
    Gaborik 0/last 4, 11-17 but throw out that one 4 pts game and he's
    Rangers will have 29 games left March 2 to yr end.
    Apparently Nash not playing tonite but NYR scheduled to play again Thurs when he might.

    Pominville 1 pt in last 5. He and Vanek in slump. 27 games left.

    M. Koivu 12pt-17 games, 3 in last 6, 1 in last 3. Expected more of him with Parise. Disappointing to date. 29 games left.

    I guess there are a couple questions here regarding Nash. If he plays Thursday keep him and dump one of the others? Or dump him anyway and keep the others? I do have until after Thurs games to decide but am hoping to get some feedback in advance of making decision which will be dependent on tonite/tomorrow and Thurs games.


    I can replace the guy I drop with any of these...Zetberg, Kunitz, Moulson, Sharp, Krejci, Ribeiro, Voracek, E.Kane, Wheeler...any of whom I'd rather have on my roster now than any of the guys I can drop.

    Who would you drop from that select group above? Really appreciate any help in making this decision.
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