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Thread: buy low Doughty

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    Default buy low Doughty

    Is Drew Doughty a buy low or are are we seeing a shift in his playing style? Is it simply a factor of LA not scoring right now and he'll pick up pace soon? I have a chance to trade for him in a salary dynasty using Read or Voracek, and am wondering if this is a good time to snag him?

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    id buy low on him. i belive he'll come around.
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    at this point until something changes i wouldnt expect him to be more than a 40 point player

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    Have to agree with 316 & even with what you hinted at. I think Drew is trapped in a system. Albeit, a good system, but stuck no less. If Drew Doughty ever wins the Norris, it'll be for the right reasons. It'll be because he goes +75 & has 37 PPP out of 43 total points, while blocking 229 shots to go with his 199 hits. I think Doughty is the single most talented d-man in the league. The LA Kings want him to make every one else play better. They cringe every time he takes off on one of his neutral zone rushes where he splits the forwards. He is one concussion away from being a really expensive "what might've been." No one in my keeper league wants Doughty for any kind of price. He was traded for an 8th last year & no one will offer that this year to the current owner. He's about to be dropped.

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    ^Doughty dropped in a keeper league is insane to me (unless, I suppose, it's a keep 3 or 4 or an extremely shallow league or something).

    Anyhow, not sure if the option is still on the table since the original post, but I would consider acquiring DD for either of the Flyers that you mention (depending on how your cap situation is looking). Doughty for Read would be an outrageous deal for you in my opinion (note: that very likely might not be an option anymore given Read's injury). And depending on your forward compositing, I'd also think seriously about getting DD for Voracek. Of course, Voracek is the toast of the town right now, but not 3 weeks ago or so, HE was the player who was being outright dropped, called a bust, lambasted at every turn.

    Will Doughty ever consistently be pushing 60-70 points per season? Unlikely. But there aren't many Dmen in the league outside of Karlsson and perhaps Letang who will do so. But DD has the talent to be in the discussion of top producers, or at least the next level down from the Karlsson stratosphere. That's a worthy buy-low in my book, especially for the type of forwards mentioned in the original post; both of whom I like a lot, but both of whom are eminently replaceable.
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    If you can trade Matt Read and receive Drew Doughty in return, you will be LAUGHING!!

    I would think twice about trading Voracek, he is looking like the stud I always believed he was.. His junior numbers were insane.. Even though he is sooooooo damn funny looking, I still love the guy, HAHA..
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    7 points in his last 11 contests. To me the buy low window might be closing slightly. Especially if it's a multi-cat, his plus minus is slowly improving and he hits a ton.

    Snatch him up if you can.

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