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How about this:

His Eberle+1st pick for my Vanek+4th pick

I would like to get some grit back if possible, he has Semin, Mike Richards and Subban as well, what should I offer in a package deal to acquire one of those player? Preferably Subban, maybe:

Vanek+Timonen for Eberle+Subban?
Can't see any way that he would accept the draft pick scenario, and certainly not the scenario where you get Subban too. Honestly, you'll probably need to jack the price of your offer WAY up if you want to squeeze another player of that calibre out of him. And I just don't think it's worth it.

As others have said, if you can get Eberle for Vanek in a keeper, I'd gladly take it. If you can get a slight upgrade in picks to boot, all the better (although a 4th round for a 1st rounder seems a bit extreme). But pushing for much more might be the equivalent of shoving a stick of dynamite in the gift horse's mouth.