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Thread: last 82 games played

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    Default crosby and malkin

    crosby has 140 points
    malkin has 120 points

    *from nj announcers before tonight's game
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    In this day and age, that is impressive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 27Blue View Post
    crosby has 140 points
    malkin has 120 points

    *from nj announcers before tonight's game
    Unfortunately for Crosby, those 82 games span three seasons!! Okay, I just made that up. I'm not completely surprised, those two are pretty talented.
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    In other news, Lamborghini's are fast. The sun is hot. Water is wet. BigMac's are fattening. Celery is not.

    I'm just kidding around. No disrespect to 27Blue. That's a very cool stat, but it's just kind of a no brainer.....these guys are pretty good.
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    Aw man. Water is wet now??


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