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Thread: Drop Hiller?

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    Default Drop Hiller?

    Nabokov available on wire....should I drop Hiller for him in my 10 team league, he is my third goalie behind Rask and Ward.
    15 Team League (keep 7)
    1pt - G/A/PPP/SHP/GWG
    0.25pt - PIM
    3pt - Wins/SO

    F: Crosby, Malkin, Tavares, Kopitar, , Parise, Kesler
    D: Pietrangelo, Edler, Krug
    U: Little
    G: Niemi
    Bench: T Johnson, Ennis, Dubinsky, Erhoff, Bobrovsky

    12 Team H2H League (non keeper)
    C: Mackinnon , E Staal
    LW: D Brown (RW), M Richards (C)
    RW: Pominville, Parenteau
    D: Bouwmeester, Garrison, Voynov, Shultz
    G:Rask, Halak
    BN: Neal (LW/RW),Hartnell (LW), Krejci (C), Holtby (G)
    IR: Letang

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    Quote Originally Posted by davestorey View Post
    Nabokov available on wire....should I drop Hiller for him in my 10 team league, he is my third goalie behind Rask and Ward.
    If you get points for only Wins and SHO, yes. Nabby will get all starts and Hiller will lose playing time.
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    3C, 3LW, 3RW, 6D, 1Util, 2G, 4BN, 3IR
    G, A, +/-, PPG, PPA, SHG, SHA, GWG, SOG, FW, HIT, BLK
    W, L, GA, GAA, SV, SA, SV%, SHO

    C: Tavares, Eric Staal, Getzlaf, Ribeiro
    LW: Lupul (LW,RW), Hartnell, Elias (C,LW), Cammalleri (C,LW), Ott (C,LW)
    RW: Malkin (C,RW), Backes (C,RW), Seguin (C,RW), Callahan
    D: Pietrangelo, Ekman-Larsson, Subban, Bouwmeester, Streit, Burns (D,RW), Wisniewski
    G: Rask, Backstrom, Bobrovsky
    IR: Spezza (C), Oshie (C,RW)

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    Honestly, yes.

    You have two solid goalies in Rask and Ward (Ward is questionable right now, but of course he'll shape up). You don't really have much to lose if you drop Hiller, because he's losing playing time to Fasth, and I see Fasth taking over Hiller's job if things keep going the way they are.

    Good move in dropping Hiller.

    But, it depends on who you're dropping him for. I know you said you'd be dropping him for Nabokov, but in my personal opinion, I would add Fasth. The thing is, I'm sure you would want to wait a little while to see if Fasth keeps this pace up, and I'm sure you want another goalie that is a guaranteed starter. It's kind of a tough one in my head I guess between Nabokov and Fasth, but it would be Fasth in my opinion.
    Message me about your keeper leagues if you need another player. I'd love to be in a keeper league next season.

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