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Thread: Swap carlson for visnovsky?

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    Default Swap carlson for visnovsky?

    just read that vis is reporting to the islanders on wednesday and carlson has done F all so far.
    worthy of a switch?
    7 moves left for the season..
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    With only 7 moves I would wait a while. Vis hasn't reported yet and who knows what shape he's in.

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    Visnovsky definitely has the pedigree to tempt one to make this move. I guess I have 2 concerns here...a) Vis' 27 points in 68 GP last season only prorated to a 33 point pace and he's not in the prime of his career, and b) he clearly doesn't want to be in LONG ISLAND and so I'm not sure how commited he'll be. I'm not sure what kind of work ethic he'll bring and I'm not sure if the locker room [knowing he doesn't want to be there] will welcome him in.

    Last year was a bloody awful year for everyone in WAS and Carlson [despite also having Wideman ahead of him on the depth chart] put up 32 [that's comparable to Vis] points. Carlson is still on the upswing of his young career and it's hard to think he'll post at a worse pace than last year.

    I guess I'm saying these 2 might be closer than we think even now and I believe Carlson does have some upside [although WAS has to start to score to actualize it...and we haven't seen many super positive indicators of this turnaround yet] I speak Carlson posts an assist.

    Personally I'd hold off, but I hate dropping guys I believe are decent who are simply in a funk.
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