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Thread: Howard or Crawford??

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    Default Howard or Crawford??

    Going for it this year, but always like the best keeper option too

    Who'd you rather own?
    20 team Dynasty League - POINTS ONLY. Daily starts: 9 fwds, 6 D, 1 goalie

    A=1pt, G=2pts, Dman G=3pts, GWG=1pt
    Goalie Win=3.5pts, SO=4pts, L=-1pt

    Kessel, St. Louis, Kunitz
    Ladd, MaCarthur, J.Jokinen
    Jagr, Hemsky, Fleischmann
    Lee, Bennett, Sheahan

    Hedman, Keith, Josi
    Ehrhoff, Voynov, Holden


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    I like Crawford for this year & future.
    Chicago is a very strong team. Detroit, not so much (IMO).

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    If your primary focus is going for it THIS year...then Crawford has to be your man. I think Howard is the better goalie long term, but I forsee quite a speedbump for Detriot over the next season or two as they wait for Smith to develop and hope to keep Kronwall and White...and likely add another significant Defender.

    I trust Crawford about as far as I can throw him, but you can't deny the stellar 2 way talent infront of him. Crawford will finish leaps and bounds ahead of Howard this year.
    C - Tavares, Getzlaf, J.Jokinen,
    L - Hall, Kunitz, JVR,
    R - Perry, Eberle, Gaborik, Pominville, Callahan
    D - Karlsson, OEL, (RW/D)Burns, Ehrhoff, Bieksa, Gudas, Beauchemin
    G - Crawford, Bobrovsky , Neuvirth, M.Jones, Raanta, Lack, Gustavsson

    11 Team Keeper league with Yahoo

    Roster (14 Kept Players): C, C, LW, LW, RW, RW, D, D, D, D, G, G, Util, Util (Can keep a 3rd G with Util)

    (Weighted Category Points: see below).

    Skaters -
    (Points: G a/o A) 6
    (+/-) 3
    (PIM) 1
    (PPP) 5
    (GWG) 5

    (W) 15
    (GA) -10
    (SV) 1
    (SHO) 15

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    I'd go Crawford for sure. Both Chicago and Crawford are playing out their minds right now and should only get better.
    Detroit it's readjusting. Think they may struggle to make the playoffs for the first time in a while. Howard is steady but Crawford seems real solid to me.


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