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Thread: Price/Anderson/Lindback/Nabokov

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    Default Price/Anderson/Lindback/Nabokov

    Long story short, I have 4 goalies in my 14-team H2H league standard stat categories (but bigger rosters). I picked my goalies in Price/Anderson then Lindback/Nabokov much later on since its better value than the marginal forwards that were available (though that also means my forward depth is a bit weak atm)

    Needless to say, i have 1 arguably 2 extra goalies on my roster right now. I can trade at least one, but which route should i take? In my mind theres 3 main scenarios.

    My current thinking is as follows:

    1. Keep Anderson & Price. Trade both Lindback/Nabokov to a desperate team for 2 useful forwards, pickup top backup just in case.

    2. Keep Anderson, Price & either Lindback/Nabokov. Ride strong goaltending all year and get 1 useful forward from trade.

    (I feel Lindback is slightly more valuable since he plays in a weaker division in a division-heavy schedule. Nabokov could get me a top 6 winger, someone has already offered me Shane Doan for him)

    3. Keep 1 of Anderson/Price and keep Lindback/Nabokov. Trading a better goalie and getting a better forward in return would be nice but not necessarily better for my chances of winning.

    Im thinking option 2. Any other thoughts?
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    I wouldn't do option 3 right now.
    By doing option 2, you leave yourself room to do option 1 if you have to later on in the season.
    So #2 for me.
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