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Thread: Kopitar+ for Neal+

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    Default Kopitar+ for Neal+

    I've been offered Neal, Burns, Voracek for Kopitar, Streit, Perron. Standard categories, including hits as well.

    should i take this deal? should I counter with Tavares instead of Kopitar?

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    if you have been offered the neal side why would you want to swap out kopitar for tavares
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    i'm not sure if tavares will out-produce kopitar this year, and his +/- hurts. do you think it would be better for me to trade kopitar than tavares? and should i do this deal?

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    I would keep Tavares...but do the deal. The Neal for Kopitar...should kinda wash out with your format...much, much prefer Voracek to Perron....huge upgrade. Burns is hurt...but I am not a huge Streit fan. Do it!
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    On the surface I like the deal for you but by no means do you want to swap out Kopitar for Tavares.

    My only issue is when Burns will return and whether you have room on the IR for him. Also who can you replace him with for now?

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    thanks guys. i would probably replace burns with luke schenn for the time being, gets me lots of hits.

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