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Thread: Simmonds for Voracek

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    Default Simmonds for Voracek

    Guy offered me Simmonds for my Voracek just now. League in sig. I'm leaning towards taking it on account of me having little to no faith in Voracek's "breakout" ever. Love Simmonds' multi-cat stats. Thoughts?
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    Yup..take it. Time to cut ties with Voracek. He's disappointed me for the past 2 year. Simmonds has done.Nothing but trend up each year.
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    (SHO) 15

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    to me simmonds has hartnell written all over him possibly with a little more natural talent

    you always hear coaches talk about players that can play on any line up and down their lineup

    usually they are full of shit and blowing smoke up everyones arse

    simmonds though is one of those guys he can play on any line and do any role you need him to do
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