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Thread: Nilstorp or Harding?

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    Default Nilstorp or Harding?

    Looking to pick up a goalie not sure between Nilstorp or Harding. Our cats are W, GAA and S%.

    Who would you say is better this year and long long term?

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    Harding for sure.
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    Default Nilstorp

    for sure.
    28 y.o. coming into his prime
    excellent in SEL

    rooting for Harding, but he has a serious health issue now that clouds his outlook. and he has several quality netminders in the Minny system w/ which to compete: Hackett, Kuemper, Gustafsson

    this year -- Lehto is always an injury risk
    long term -- hands down Nilstorp. N is getting another start today, btw

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