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Thread: Value of McBain as a keeper

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    Default Value of McBain as a keeper

    I've always consided McBain to be a top 4 defender so his scratching is worrying. I'm now stuck with him on my starting roster and if I try and send him to my minors he will surely be claimed. My other options are to either sell extremely low on him or just leave him on my starting roster which likely ruins any hope of a strong season for me.

    What shall I do?
    Does he hold any value for the future?
    Any trade rumours involving him?

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    I have always seen this kid as fools gold. I think he's a joke and will end up being an AHL player for the majority of his Career! LMAO people actualy argued with me last year saying he was going to hold Faulk back LMAO...
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    McBain. Yes, he's been a bit frustrating. Last season started exactly like this too. Then he settled down.

    A year ago, I wasn't too worried about the Faulk factor. A year has gone by though.

    It seems McBain hasn't managed to step up. Faulk does appear to have moved past him at this point. The Canes, don't ever try to understand, went out of their way to sign D-men and picked up Corvo, Gragnani... I thought this team needed to learn to keep the puck out of their own net?

    So points wise:
    1) Pitkanen
    2) has been revolving but is steadily being consumed by Faulk/forwards

    Corvo, McBain

    followed closely by Sanguinetti (AWESOME season in the AHL last year and solid this year). Then in the minors Gragnani.

    Injured, but seemingly to re-jig the whole mess again is Ryan Murphy.

    At this point, McBain better step it up immediately. He could be used as trade bait. Over time, if he doesn't step up offensively he best get the wiggles out of his defensive game. The Canes will be looking for another Gleason type. More than one McBain has evolved into a stay at home, make a solid outlet pass defender. See Trevor Daley.

    So. If he finds his 30 point pace once again, I'd be marking him for a drop in points next year as some of these other youngsters start pushing for more time.

    Another slow start for McBain... he'll be wishing the Canes would hire his Dad as coach (coached him throughout minor hockey).
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    I would get rid of him. I had him on my roster and I dropped him last night. you cant have a #7-8 Dman on your starting roster if you want a chance to win.
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