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Thread: How early to take a goalie?

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    Default How early to take a goalie?

    New league starting tonight....10 teams with these cats...

    G, A, PPP, SOG, Hits
    W, GAA, SV%, Saves

    What pick would I have to be at to go with Lundqvist or Quick? Assuming Malkin, Sid, Ovie, Stamkos, Giroux are in the top I go 6? Or are Tavares and other's smarter than a goalie.

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    Depends... Head to head or ROTO? If it's ROTO, then with those cats, goalies should go very early, as early as round 1.

    Generally speaking though, if you're in the top 5-6 you take a forward. In a smaller 10 team league, there's lots of goalies to go around, so I'd be inclined to wait till rounds 2-4 to pick up a goalie, depending on how things shake out and when the run on goalies happens.

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    Yes, H2H or Roto makes a significant difference.

    In 10-team H2H leagues, I believe you can wait a long, long, long time and still stock some very decent goalies with a fantastic skater team.

    Here's an example of a recent team that drafted.

    The 5/4 category split is pretty strange, I must say.
    Without +/-, don't be afraid to hike up some of those CBJ defensemen like Wiz & JJ.

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    Yeah it's a H2H league.

    We went with the 5vs4 split because people just didn't like categories like PIM, +/- or something like SO for goalies.

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