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Thread: Just pulled the trigger

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    Default Just pulled the trigger

    Just did this deal for my team in sig. I had an open roster spot plus having arnott on the roster. Gives my team a deeper look i think

    what do you expect from the guys i got in the deal? whats campbell future? what will hemsky do if healthy? points upside/this year for the players?

    thanks in advance

    I trade

    Jack Johnson
    Matt Moulson
    Mike Fisher
    1st rounder (SJS 2013)
    2nd rounder (LAK 2013)
    Jack Campbell
    Ales Hemsky
    Clark MacArthur
    Nick Foligno
    Jeff Petry
    2nd rounder (NYR 2013)
    3rd rounder (BUF 2014)
    20 team dynasty H2H
    start: 4C 8W 6D 1G 6BN
    prospects under 135 GP


    C: Thornton Sedin Koivu Kesler
    W: Sedin Cole Pelletier Malone Alfredson Prospal Macarthur Machacek
    D: Petry Bieksa Zidlicky Timmonen Liles Boyle
    G: Backstrom
    BN: Garon Souray Corvo Theodore Borduer Stoll

    Howden Jeffrey Starkbaum Raanta Frk Loktionov Engstrand Kostka Josefson Markstrom Khudobin Blacker Perhonen Missiaen Berra Zlobin Ebert Graham Blujus Eriksson Lazar Burakowsky Compher Jarry Subban Brodeur Leshenko Cote Bailey Kasdorf

    2014- 1st 1st 2nd 2nd 3rd 4th 4th
    2014- 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th

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    I'm not a fan of this deal at all.

    Jack Johnson is the best player in the deal by a long shot. Multi-cat.

    Matt Moulson has three consec. 30 goal seasons and will only get more points as Tavares rises to a 85-90pt man.

    You downgraded both your picks.

    Ales Hemsky has never impressed me and my bet is he's more of an afterthought in Edmonton now with the likes of Eberle, Hall, RNH, and Yakupov there now. Gagner is may even be ahead of him.

    MacAurthur and Foligno... very average players...

    The 'wildcard' here is Campbell. He needs to regain the top prospect status in Dallas. Right now that other guy (Nilstrop?? sp??) has stolen it.

    I hope that other people have differing opinions than me. And I also hope that I'm wrong about Hemsky. And I also hope either Foligno or MacAurther come out of nowhere...
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    Not a good deal no matter how your questions asked turn out and for the reason stated above by the poster before me.

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    Nope, I agree with jman completely. Everything got downgraded in this trade and it doesn't make sense to me. I'm guessing the center piece of the trade was Jack Campbell?
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    Goalie: Rask, Crawford
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    Prospects: Bouma, Etem, Laughton, H.Lindholm, Murphy, Rielly, Grubauer, M.Jones
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    This was a set back trade. Sorry man.

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    i am not sure i would take all of that for moulson by himself
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    Whoever got the JJ side of the deal won by a large margin.
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    You know this sounds like some of my deals where I get lost in the forest and forget to look at the trees. I understand competely where you were going - beef on your depth, fill the gaps and turf Arnott. The players you got are not without merit and to some extent you met your goals, but I also think you probably overpaid to achieve it.

    But there is room for optimism, Hemsky can be a ppg player, Campbell can become a franchise goalie, etc. Time will tell - who knows you might well be able to marshall these extra assets into something better if they all perform up to their potential. Keep your fingers crossed - all in all it isn't a team killing trade, just could likely have done better.

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    Now that's a gentlemans reply!
    Smoothmove "Guru".
    Not a fan of the trade but , live and learn.
    Too much for too little.
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