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Thread: No Player makes Baseball HOF in 2013

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    Default No Player makes Baseball HOF in 2013

    EDIT: I didn't realize their was a baseball chat forum can a mod move and merge this with the thread on the same topic in "baseball chat" thanks.
    Their are about 100 things that annoy me here from the obvious snubs, to the process in general, to clean guys who clearly have the numbers not getting in. But to keep this lengthy rant in check I'm only going to comment on the most obvious. Bonds.

    I find it ridiculous that the single-season and all-time home run leader did not get 100% of the vote. This holier than thou attitude of the writers and their desire to re-write history is ridiculous.

    Let’s be clear, Bonds juiced, we all know it. But simply put he broke no rules. Those who call Bonds a “cheater” for doing everything in his power, within the rules, to maximize his ability are a mixture of jealous, delusional and unclear on how steroids work. Jealous, yes jealous I constantly read comments about how Bonds “made it” and the commenter didn’t and therefore the commenter is mad at Bonds, accordingly it must be the steroids and not the unbelievable amount of natural talent that got Bonds to the bigs. Delusional, because they are willing to banish Bonds from the hall but completely re-write history of baseball in the 70’s and 80’s when players were on all kinds of greenies and uppers. Unclear on how steroids work. Annoyingly “you stick a needle in your arm and you’re 50% stronger” seems to be the common belief about steroids which is completely incorrect. Steroids allow your muscles to recover faster, allowing an athlete to workout hard in faster succession, so yes they can allow an athlete to improve faster when the athlete busts his ass but not they are not a magic shot. People often hate hearing this because they hate thinking that a “cheater” could also be a workhorse they assume the “cheater” is lazy and the clean athlete is the workhorse, they can’t associate the “cheater” with a single good quality. Further, steroids do not improve your hand eye co-ordination, curveball recognition, fielding percentage, or a host of other requirements to make and stay in the majors.

    Finally, not to be overlooked is that Bonds was an egomaniac and a dick. Had he been 3rd all-time in home runs maybe this could be overlooked but once he passed the beloved Babe Ruth (who also had some questionable personality characteristics) people needed a reason to tear him down. They loved to argue that Ruth and Aaron were still the greats and asterkis were required etc. (Not to get off track but Both Hank Aaron and Roger Maris were vilified when they took down Ruth's all-time and single-season records, many suggested Maris needed his own asteriks because his 61 homerun season had more games) Hopefully this is just a 1 or 2 year “punishment” by the voters and they will come to their senses in due course because if he’s kept out permanently it will be a travesty. So that’s my piece, he used, he broke no rules, he dominated the sport and he belongs in the Hall of Fame.

    Another aside, I really wish one of these guys (preferably Bonds but Clemens would work also) would simply come out and say “Yeah I used steroids, a lot, Major League Baseball had no rule or testing policy at the time and I was willing to do whatever it took to be the best so I worked out every day and I took the needles to make me the best.” Not as an apology but as an acknowledgement of the facts, I don’t expect this to happen for at least 20 years but if either Bonds or Clemens ever writes a tell-all I’ll be first in line to buy it.
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