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    Hi guy's, i had an offer and i would like to have your opignion. He offered me Ryan Kesler for Bryan Little, both had almost the same stats last year and i think Kesler can do better but my concern is his health. Can he come back in the 70 points range? I'm i really going to win this trade because little will have a lot of ice time and last year he showed some good flashes. this year i'm going for the money so i will count on all my players, is that trade realy worth it?
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    How many teams are in your league, and is it a keeper? If it's a keeper league I wouldn't trade Kesler for Little straight up. If it's a smaller league and you are afforded IR positions, I would keep Kesler over Little. If your in a league with lots of teams, I would consider making the trade as Kesler is injured, and there probably won't be anything worthwhile picking up from free agents while Kesler sits, and that could cost you dearly in a deep single year league.

    In most cases Kesler over Little.

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    Kessler is behind on his rehab schedual, Dont ecspect him to return right away. But I value Kessler over Little

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