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Thread: { Trade } Kendrys Morales

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    Default { Trade } Kendrys Morales

    "Source: #Angels have traded Kendrys Morales to the #Mariners for SP Jason Vargas."

    Wow! Theres one of the big bats the Mariners were looking to acquire this off season.
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    Anyone else think that the Angels are shaping to be a damn good ball club? Still can't believe they got Hamilton.

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    This was a great trade for the Angels. They badly needed a 3rd starter and this fulfills that need, at the cost of streaky, injury prone power hitter (they surely didn't need another power hitting 1B).
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    win win

    like this deal for the mariners; vargas has a >5 road era and with the fences moving in left, the soft-tossing flyball lefty is likely to suffer where in the past, he flourished. Morales looks to have a solid floor, and an excellent ceiling. he has holes in his swing, but he finished 2012 very strong.

    As long as the M's also sign a free agent starter ( the deal nets them 3 mil ) to replace vargas, they stand to do very well. there was lots of noise about perhaps making a move on swisher, but never thought that made sense ( would have cost them their 1st rd pick, #12 overall ), and now i think that option is dead. in fact, this deal could net them a high pick if morales has a strong year, then signs as a free agent elsewhere.

    the angels also win, clearly. they needed to move a hitter, and morales was the least versatile. vargas gives them the back of the rotation innings eater they lost in the santana trade.
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