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Thread: Traders Remorse - Getz for Cally -Do I take the Plan B pill?

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    Quote Originally Posted by STONE. View Post
    Being in a contract year, the biggest question mark is whether or not Getz plays in Anaheim going forward. If there's no season, he's one of the biggest FAs out there.

    Regardless, he'll be a 1C wherever he goes methinks -- I think you'll be good to go. He could end up with better linemates.

    Worse case scenario: Perry leaves as a FA, Selanne retires, and Getz is stuck lining up with youngsters that are a few years from maturity in a massive rebuild while Callahan takes off with Richards, Gabby and Nash in the Big Apple.
    The Ducks have a pretty young set of talented prospects Etem, Palmieri, DSP, Holland, Karlsson, Friberg... so even if they re-tool, they might actually not be too bad.

    On the other end of the scale you have Cally who will always be stuck behind Richards, Gabby and Nash, so at best, he's really only going to be the Rangers 4th best scorer, and you don't really see very many 4th best scorers on a team register high point totals, so he's going to be limited on the point front.

    Easily Getz for me.
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    Great move for you. While I do like Callahan quite a bit, he's not in the same league as Getzlaf. There's really not a reason to dislike that deal.
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    Callahan is a warrior's warrior...I'd take him on my NHL team anyday over Getzlaf, its not even close.

    However, this is fantasy Getzlaf is who I'm taking, despite his current perceived lower value.
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    8 Team Keeper (Keep 12, max 2 goalies)
    C: Stamkos, Tavares, Getzlaf, Shaw
    L: Kovy, Neal, Patches, Ericksson, M Foligno
    R: Wheeler, Simmonds, Voracek, Cole
    D: Chara, Del Zotto, Boyle, Yandle, Campbell, Kulikov, Nikitin
    G: Lundqvist, Quick, Smith, Hiller, Brodeur

    League settings:
    positions: C(x3), L(x3), R(x3), D(x6), Utility(1), G(x3), Bench(x6) =25 players.
    Cats include: G(1), A(1), +/- (.5), PIM (.25), SHG (2), SHA (1), GWG (2), Hits and blocks (.1), W(2), GA (-.2), SV (.05), SO (5)
    Before I give my opinion, let's look at the numbers to highlight each player's value in such a format. Firstly, I'll use the last couple years to compare as recent production is important and it more accurately shows Callahan's value. Then I'll see the effect a strong offensive season from Getzlaf will have on his value.


    Getzlaf: 104 fantasy points in 82 games = 1.26 fpts/game
    Callahan: 123 fantasy points in 76 games = 1.62 fpts/game


    Getzlaf: 124 fantasy points in 67 games = 1.85 fpts/game
    Callahan: 89 fantasy points in 60 games = 1.48 fpts/game

    And for comparison's sake, let's look at Getzlaf's career offensive season 08/09:

    Getzlaf: 143 fantasy points in 81 games = 1.77 fpts/game

    The reason why his career offensive season is less productive (on a per game basis) in this format than 2010/11 is due to more games played, a lower plus/minus and less hits/blocked shots. Though you could argue that in a points league (is it?) that having him play more games will be more helpful, as it's cumulative production over the course of a season.


    If you feel that Getzlaf can get back towards his production in 2010/11, then I feel it's a good move since he's already proven that he can reach that next level. Does Callahan have more offensive upside? I'm not sure. Though his peripheral strength does keep him in the general vicinity, and it's not as one-sided as potentially first thought when comparing the two.

    The other side of the coin is the need for your squad. You have good RW depth even though you don't have an elite player there. And you'd be relying on Shaw as your third starting C which you needed an upgrade. So, in terms of team needs, I feel that Getzlaf will be a greater help.
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    With your categories i believe you win this trade by a lot. Scoring is heavily weighted for you and getz will almost certainly outscore cally on a yearly basis.

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    Very Good Move...Plain and Simple. Not much more I need to say!
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    2xR - Kucherov, Marner (RW/C), Laine, M.Stone
    4xD - Karlsson, OEL, Josi, Yandle, A. Martinez, M. Green, Strallman
    2xG - Crawford, Jones, Dell, Budaj
    2xUtil - Getzlaf, Laine (RW)
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    Roster (14 Kept Players): 2C,2LW,2RW,4D,2G,2Util (Can keep a 3rd G with Util)
    (Weighted Category Points: see below).

    Skaters -
    (Points: G a/o A) 6
    (+/-) 3
    (PIM) 1
    (PPP) 5
    (GWG) 5

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