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    Default Top Ten Reasons Why.......

    Gary Bettman Called a Two Week Break:

    10) He wants to get a head start on his Christmas shopping, and wanted to buy himself a new hair piece.

    9) He got a discount on two weeks of couple's counselling (one week with Daly, one week with Fehr).

    8) When they crossed paths at the pool, Crosby told him to go work on his tan. Gary said Crosby's comment 'cut really deep', so he booked a vacation.

    7) He's working on an offer to buy the Phoenix Coyotes with his new partner Jim Balsillie.

    6) Gary needs to prep for an upcoming job interview: KHL Commissioner. His goal in life is to make sure Ovie gets locked out no matter where he plays.

    5) Gary said he's tired of feeling shorter than Tom Cruise, and needs some time to break in his new pumps.

    4) It's not a break, Gary is actually holding out for more money, so the owners locked him out.

    3) Gary needs to work on his lines for his upcoming cameo on.........The Muppet Show.

    2) He's in hiding from Chris Chelios, Jeremy Roenick, and Luke Skywalker.

    1) He's been busy and needed some time to start planning the 2013-2014 NHL lockout.
    Greatest Five to Ever Play:


    16 Team Keeper League Points Only H2H Avg Weekly Scoring

    F: Nash, Gaborik, Krejci, Datsyuk, E.Staal, Parenteau, B.Richards, Jagr
    D: Chara, Gonchar, Campbell, Seabrook
    G: Anderson, Holtby
    Bench: Havlat, Kipper
    Farm: Bennett, Eakin, R.Murphy, Orlov

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    Great top 10 list. Funny.

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    better than letterman... at least you ended with the best one.

    11. he is due to give birth to another franchise in Mexico City.
    12. wanted to save the gas
    13.was busy making appearances to promote the hobbit.
    14. he needed to prove that the NHL is the best league in the world, by letting the best players go play in the other leagues.
    15. thought he was the commishioner of the KHL
    16. needed time to learn russian
    10 team Dyn
    tavares rnh statsny
    AO benn
    kessel malkin
    ryan purcell
    green letang enstrom kulkov OEL ellis
    lundy ward varly bernier lehrner
    burmistrov hodgson michalek, ryan oreilly, turris okposo

    16 team h2h
    Spezza, Tavares
    malkin, eberle
    Doughty Letang, karlsson, weber
    green enstrom downie palmeiri kassain bogo
    lundy price pavelec

    weiters fielder kipnis wright hanley braun upton upton maybin victorino goldschmidt
    kershaw, startsburg, greinke, bumgarner, price, neise, bret anderson
    valverde, hanrahan, aceves, reed, guerra, storen

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