Really going for it hard this year because I have the title with this group in hockey and baseball and would like to make it a title in all three sports in 2012. 12-team H2H. Keep up to 3 players at the cost of draft pick one round higher than where selected or kept the prior year. Cannot keep players taken in the first two rounds. Random draft order.

Team, with keeper cost in parens.

QB: Peyton Manning (4th)/RG3 (5th)/Mike Vick (N/A)
RB: Doug Martin (2nd)/Demarco Murray (9th)/Don Brown (6th)/Alex Green (N/A)/Felix Jones (11th)
WR: Calvin Johnson (N/A)/Eric Decker (12th)/Steve Smith (7th)/Kenny Britt (8th)/Sidney Rice (10th)/Alshon Jeffrey (13th)
TE: Antonio Gates (3rd)
D/ST: Seattle (15th)
K: Graham (N/A)

I've been trying to deal Peyton or RG3 all year, but I have had a hard time getting what I consider to be fair value. My biggest need is obviously RB with Murray out, so that's been my focus. Just having a hard time finding a trade partner, so I've looked at maybe getting the best deal I can for RG3 then turning some of those pieces into a RB. That has led to this possibility.

RG3 (5th) + Sidney Rice (11th) for Brandon Marshall (2nd) and Ahmad Bradshaw (3rd). Which would be followed by:
Marshall(2nd) + Doug Martin (2nd) for Arian Foster (2nd).

Essentially RG3 + Doug Martin + Sidney Rice for Arian Foster and Bradshaw. This was coming together before the huge weeks from Marshall and MArtin last week, but I still wonder if I should pull the trigger. Thoughts?

Also, I could probably replace Marshall with Mega in the Foster deal. Who do you guys like better ROS between those two?